Twisted handle paper bag printed in high quality offset

  • Premium & High quality printing and finishes twisted paper bags.
  • Paper bags printed in offset and  en offset and made with FSC paper, ensuring the maximum resistance and sustainability
  • Available in 3 kinds of paper:
    • White kraft 120 gr
    • Brown Kraft 120 gr
    • Coated paper 140 gr
  • Minimum quantity: 25o units
  • Sizes available (width + gusset x high):
    • 18+9×23 cm
    • 24+9×24 cm
    • 24+9×32 cm
    • 31+12×25 cm
    • 31+12×31 cm
    • 31+12×41 cm
    • 42+12×35 cm
    • 48+15×40 cm
  • Options of available finishes:
    • Turn up fold of 6 cm (available in some sizes): giving a high quality finishing and higher resistance
    • Cardboard reinforcement at the bottom
    • Matt or glossy finish in 14o gr coated paper
    • Hot foil printing
  • Printing: from 1 to 5 links or CMYK. No limit in surface printing. It is also possible to print bottom and gussets. 
  • Free plates.

Twisted handle paper bag printed in high quality offset

The twisted handle paper bag printed in high quality offset is made with FSC certified materials that guarantee the maximum resistance and sustainability. They get high quality finishes, straight cuts without burrs, and also premium finishes such as laminated or matt gloss  among others.

Within the sector of paper bags, the finish and the handles are the essential element that makes the difference. There is a wide variety of twisted handle bags, however our offset printed twisted handle bags could be considered as the luxury bag of conventional twisted handle bags.

Useful, recyclable and reusable bags. The bags with curly or twisted handles, are manufactured automatically, without labor, that is why their cost is considerably much lower than other bags such as rope handle / ribbon handle bags, which are more characteristic in luxury sectors.


Customization of paper bags

We can design your twisted handle paper bags with the logo of your brand and also other information to guarantee your brand’s visibility during the product’s delivery.

We make it in different sizes and formats using a printing technique called high quality serigraphy.

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