Recycled plastic ecommerce envelopes

Our recycled plastic ecommerce envelopes are made with 70% recycled plastic and have a
thickness equal to or greater than 50 microns/gauge 200. It is also a 100% recyclable material
Made with Fabricados en PEHD and PELD (white, colored or transparent). All our envelopes are
printed with the identifying logo as it is a 70% recycled material, together with the initials of
the material type.
They have to be thrown away into the yellow bin (for plastic).
Available in a wide range of sizes, being the most common the following:

  • 25×35+5 cm from 10.000 units
  • 30×40+5 cm from 8.000 units
  • 34×45+5 cm from 6.000 units
  • 40×50+5 cm from 5.000 units
  • 50×60+5 cm from 3.000 units
  • 60×70+10 cm from 3.000 units

Ecommerce recycled plastic envelopes

They include 1 inviolable adhesive tape so that your shipments arrive safely at their destination. In case of promoting the return of your products we can add a second adhesive tape so that the envelope can be reused.

Customization of recycled plastic envelopes ecommerce

We can customize them from 1 to 6 inks with your brand, image or advertisement. Remember that a printed envelope is a moving billboard.

They are ideal for e-commerce shops that are aware of and sensitive to the impact of their business on the environment.

Furthermore, the adoption of this type of envelope anticipates the plastic regulations to which all companies and businesses will have to adapt over the next few years.

At Rovi Packaging we are clearly committed to environmentally sustainable bags and envelopes for e-commerce. Some examples are our bags and envelopes of:

  • compostable ecommerce envelopes
  • confidential ecommerce envelopes
  • ecommerce paper envelopes

Want to know more about recycled plastic ecommerce envelopes?

At Rovi Packaging we are expert manufacturers in manufacturing and designing recycled plastic bags and envelopes for all types of products and sectors. Call us or contact us to learn more about this type of bags and envelopes. We will advise you without obligation to help you choose the type of packaging that best suits your needs.