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Non laminated heat-sealed non-woven bags

The heat-sealed non-woven bags are elegant, versatile, very resistant, recyclable and reusable cloth bags. Automatically made with heat-sealed sewing. Available in standard sizes and customizable from 600 units, printed in serigraphy.

Non-laminated heat-sealed TNT, customizable bags

The TNT heat-sealed unlaminated bags are elegant, versatile, very resistant fabric bags 100% recyclable and reusable. Made automatically with heat-sealed seams. Its name TNT comes from the term non-woven fabric that has very resistant properties.

They can be printed in screen printing from 600 units and in flexography from 3000 units.

As they are unlaminated bags, the prints will always be made with flat ink without too much ink mass. Simple printing.

We have multiple models and sizes:

  • Die handle
  • Tape handle
  • With bellows in base
  • Without bellows in base

We customize them based on your needs. If you have any doubts about what type of bag you need, we recommend that you consult the types of bags we have already made for other clients and ask us for a sample so that we can provide it to you.

We have standard sizes that can be customized from 600 units in silk-screen printing.

Ideal for: shops, fairs, brand promotions, supermarkets, pharmacies, boutiques, jewelry stores, wineries…

Thanks to their design they are very resistant and flexible and can store a great variety of articles and products.  Ideal for product brand promotions, shops, stores, fairs and congresses, pharmacies and in short for many sectors such as the fashion-retail sector, cosmetics, pharmacy, and jewelry, among others.

Customization of unlaminated heat-sealed TNT bags

We customize your TNT bags without lamination according to your brand values that guarantee maximum resistance and sustainability because they are recyclable and reusable.

Are TNT Bags eco-friendly?

Bags made of non-woven fabric or also called non-woven offer a very high resistance and high quality finishes, in addition they are reusable bags, so they are perfect for customers to use them in your establishment and others while advertising your brand.

If your priority is to minimize the impact on the environment, we recommend that you check out our category of BIO bags or get information on our Youtube channel about the types of BIO bags we can make for you.

Do you want to know more about the TNT Thermosealed Non-Laminated bags?

At Rovi Packaging we are expert manufacturers in creating and designing ideal bags for all types of products and sectors. Call us or contact us to find out more about this type of packaging. We will advise you without obligation to help you choose the packaging that best suits your needs.