JFold handle paper bags

JFold paper bags have twisted handle and turn top fold that gives a higher quality finish to your packaging.
Available with paper or acrylic handles.
Made with FSC and PEFC white and brown kraft paper.
Flexography printing and possibility of matt, glossy or softtouch finish.

Jfold handle paper bags

The jfold handle paper bags are practical and elegant, the turned-up edge gives a reinforced and luxurious finish to the bag. If you want to break away from the conventional style with an
automatic bag price,, this is the bag you are looking for. They are ideal for multiple sectors such as the fashion-retail sector, cosmetics, pharmacy, and jewelry, among others.



We customize your bag according to your brand values and with the latest innovations that guarantee maximum resistance and sustainability.
Available in twisted paper handle or acrylic handle, made of FSC and PEFC paper in cellulose and kraft and printed in flexography with the possibility of finishing them in gloss, matte or softtouch laminate.


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