Doypack industrial packaging

Doypacks are industrial bags and containers designed to stand upright. Their design is 100% customizable, as they can be manufactured in a wide range of materials and colors.

Doypack industrial packaging

Doypack industrial packaging were a revolution in flexible packaging since their design by Frenchman Louis Doyen in 1962.

Until now, they have been mostly used in the food sector as they are made of extremely resistant barrier materials with a high conservation capacity. Ideal for preserving food products for months.

Nowadays, sectors such as the textile sector also use the Doypack bag and packaging to contain garments due to the small space it takes up, its low cost and its visibility at the point of sale. They are also increasingly used in the cosmetics sector to package different types of products. Given the attributes of this type of product, we see that its application has extended to all types of sectors.

Doypack industrial packaging is custom-made with different compositions of materials depending on the content, always personalized.


We can design your Doypack packaging with your brand logo and other fields so that the final customer can see your product. The ideal is to include any idea or slogan that identifies your brand and creates a good feeling for those who buy the product. Our printing technique is high quality screen printing. The inks we use are water-based, free of toxic agents.

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