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Nuri Luis, our commercial director who has spent more than 15 years dedicating herself to the world of packaging, advising hundreds of companies, explains the different materials from which Rovi Packaging e-commerce envelopes are made.

The growing trend of buying through the online channel has made us adapt to new customer needs. That is why we have a wide catalog of  ecommerce bags and envelopes of different materials such as compostable, recyclable and reusable plastic. 

In the example below and in order to minimize the impact on the environment, we have created the ESDEMARCA envelope, a co-extruded envelope with a black inside, to maintain the confidentiality of what we are sending. Our envelope has a die handle, and it also has two flaps with adhesive tape.






  • Compostable and biodegradable plant-based material ecommerce bags and
    Our compostable ecommerce envelopes are made of materials that degrade biologically and with the «OK Compost» quality seal. They are translucent white in color and can be manufactured in different sizes and formats. They are ideal for the transport of all kinds of products due to their resistance and waterproof properties.
  • 70% recycled plastic ecommerce bags and envelopes: Our ecommerce recycled plastic envelopes are made from materials with more than 70% recycled plastic. They are ideal for e-commerce stores aware and sensitized with the impact of their businesses on the environment. Furthermore, the adoption of this type of envelope anticipates the plastic regulations that all companies and businesses must adapt to over the next few years.
  • 100% recyclable and confidential material ecommerce bags and envelopes: made of co-extruded material with black interior to preserve privacy. Our reusable e-commerce envelopes are made of 100% recyclable materials co-extruded with black interior to preserve privacy.
  • Paper e-commerce envelopes: made in different finishes. Paper ecommerce envelopes are indispensable for sending small products purchased through e-commerce. It is possible to manufacture them in different sizes and finishes. Note that it is a good branding for large print runs due to the potential discounts to be obtained.

Characteristics of e-commerce envelopes:

  • Self-closing flap with inviolable adhesive tape. Possibility of putting double adhesive tape with pre-cut in the middle to be able to reuse the envelope in case of returns.
  • Optional die handle for easy product transportation. In this way we show the image of the company during the trip and the distribution of the product, helping the final customer to identify what he receives and positioning the brand. It has a handle that facilitates the transport and delivery of the merchandise; and, in addition, it has a double adhesive strip, which allows the product to be returned. Without any doubt, it’s one of the most requested bags by fashion stores, since it allows a comfortable and practical delivery and, on the other hand, facilitates returns if necessary. A highly requested two-for-one that also offers all the security of shipping: waterproofness, privacy, resistance and flexibility.
  • Bag with double adhesive strip. the majority of users prefers packaging ready for returns. That is why, among the messenger bags, we had to highlight a new format: the double adhesive strip. It allows a shipment as successful as with the rest of the shipping envelopes, but this time, it also allows to open the bag with a first closure and
    reuse it for a return thanks to a second adhesive. Actually, this is one of the most used references in ecommerce, since it saves on shipping incidents and customer returns.


Trends about e-commerce packaging.

 70% recycled plastic ecommerce envelopes are the products that major brands are betting on
due to the boom in online sales. As they are 100% recyclable films, if we are responsible for
such waste, their environmental impact is zero.

In the case of the confidential e-commerce envelope made of 2 or 3 layer COEX material, we
ensure that the privacy and confidentiality of the product that will be preserved. Self-closing
with permanent and non-removable adhesive tape, makes the envelope totally inviolable.
Possibility of optional dye cut handle.

All of them, whether they are films of one type or another, are the most efficient and elegant
solution for making shipments from online stores.



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