Rovi Packaging a company in constant evolution

At Rovi Packaging we are manufacturers of different types of packaging. Our company has
gone through different stages adapting to changes in different industries. We were born thanks
to the push of the textile industry in Spain, being suppliers of garment bags. With the textile
crisis, we had to adapt to the new needs of our clients, designing and manufacturing paper
bags mainly for retailers and big companies for fairs and conferences.

Finally, with the new plastic regulations and the growing conciousness of our customers, we have firmly opted for sustainable packaging. We have developed a range of
products based on recycled, compostable and water-soluble materials to meet the needs of
our customers. Being one of the first manufacturers to take the step, we have positioned
ourselves as a reference company in the sector of sustainable materials



Wrapping is part of our history, of our family. It is Communication, personalization, technology, life, sensation, image, differentiation, interaction and tradition.

We conceive the bag as the first showcase for your brand to captivate the consumer by transmitting: design, quality, uniqueness, personalization, emotion, avant-garde and environmental responsibility.
Since 1983, two generations have been dedicated to what we like the most: enhancing the visibility of your brands and products.
And we do it in a personalized and comprehensive way: carrying out the entire process, from the initial concept to the manufacturing and delivery itself. All in order to offer you the packaging that everyone wants to have, touch and feel.

  • Mission: captivate by promoting your brand through sustainable branding
  • Vision: avant-garde and respectful with the environment
  • Values: design, innovation, quality, customization, speed, flexibility, efficiency, experience, creativity, professionalism, reuse, trust, closeness, commitment, integrity and emotion


More than 35 years offering quality packaging solutions, packaging and bags, make Rovi Packaging a referent in the sector, thanks to the experience accumulated over the years and our commitment to innovation.

Founded in 1983, our company has focused on combining experience and avant-garde that results in a wide catalog of packaging solutions, in a market situation in which the form of presentation of the product comes to equate to its quality. Bags and packaging speak of the article, of the product itself, convey company values and spread the brand and its philosophy.

Choosing the most suitable packaging is directly related to the increase in brand awareness, enhances its branding and makes the consumer keep it in their memory, resorting to it more regularly by associating the brand with their need. Rovi Packaging has an expert team of professionals who will always advise the best option depending on the product to be packaged and the customer needs.