Elegance is one of the most important graphic factors in a brand. Materials, textures and glitter can make a simple bag look like a work of art as is the case with Lindt bags. A client highly appreciated by us for the long history that accompanies us, thanks to the idea and realization of different types of packaging.

Proyectos Rovipackaging



There are clients who have great ideas. And Rovi Packaging helps them get started. Like Ulabox, which reuses shared bags with all its customers. This is the life of one of them, which provides multiple services and helps significantly to reduce the consumption of single-use bags. Plus, these fully personalized bags are an advertisement on the go. Reusable bag with multiple benefits. This is Ulabox and this is how Rovi Packaging manufactures.



The new high-quality paper bags for Revlon UK, specifically for the American Crew brand, represented an important milestone in the internationalization of Rovi Packaging abroad, being the packaging provider for an international benchmark such as American Crew.


Estrella Damm INEDIT

Conceptualization and ideation of a rope handle paper bag for the INEDIT premium bottle made by Ferran Adrià. Giving a premium and distinctive touch to the drink. The objective was to accompany a very exclusive product with a bag that would not go unnoticed by the consumer.



We are specialists in making custom bags. In this case isothermal bags to keep the products fresh in summer. We carried out the project that you can see for DANONE, manufacturing isothermal bags in TNT with zip closure to maximize thermal insulation.