Rope/ribbon handle paper bags

Our paper bags with string/ribbon (cotton, acrylic or satin ribbon) handle have a high quality level of printing and finishes.

  • Offset printing and made with FSC paper, ensuring the maximum resistance and
  • Available in 5 kinds of paper:
    • White kraft paper 120 gr
    • White kraft paper 170 gr
    • Brown kraft paper 120 gr
    • Brown kraft paper 190 gr
    • White kraft paper 180 gr with matt or glossy lamination
  • Available from 250 units
  • Printing: from 1 ink to 5 inks or CMYK. No limit in surface printing
  • More than 200 available sizes:
    • Size 1:  10+4×10 cm – 15+7×23 cm – 23+7×15 ………… 21 available sizes
    • Size 2:  23+9×23 cm – 24+9×20,5 cm – 18+9×23 cm..… 33 available sizes
    • Size 3:  24+9×36 cm – 31+12×22 cm – 36+9×24 cm..…. 46 available sizes
    • Size 4:  30+12×42 cm – 40+14x30cm – 41+12×32 cm.… 51 available sizes
    • Size 5:  35+12×46 cm- 45+12×37 cm – 53+12×38 cm… 32 available sizes
    • Size 6:  45+18.5×40 cm – 50+17×40 cm- 53+14×45.5 cm..… 20 available sizes
    • Size 7:  58+10×58 cm – 60+22×50 cm – 70+15×50 cm………. 20 available sizes
  • Available finishes
    •  Printing 1 to 5 inks and CMYK. Metallic and fluor colours.
    • Hot foil (silver and gold) and logo embossing
    • Embossed paper
    • UVI varnish over laminated bags. Glossy or matt lamination (180 gr paper)
    • Satin and cotton ribbon attached
    • Cotton, acrylic and satin ribbon handles

Rope/ribbon handle paper bags

Our rope/ribbon handle paper bags are made from high quality materials and we have a wide range of sizes, materials and finishes. Call us for detailed information. Rope handle paper bags are a trend in the world of packaging for being sustainable with the environment and be reusable and recyclable. This type of bags are characterized by their elegance that provides a touch of distinction.

Rope handle bags are the typical boutique bags. They are perfect for selling high added value items or to promote your brand at fairs and conferences. Ideal for many sectors: fashion-retail, cosmetics, pharmacy, jewelry among many others.



We customize your bag according to your brand values and with the latest innovations that guarantee maximum resistance and sustainability.
Printed in offset with the possibility of a wide range of finishes: gloss, matte, stamping, dry relief, uvi varnish, among others.


Do you want to know more about our bags?

At Rovi Packaging we are expert manufacturers in creating and designing ideal bags for all types of products and sectors. Call us or contact us to find out more about this type of packaging. We will advise you without obligation to help you choose the packaging that best suits your needs.