Fabric bags


Nuri Luis, our commercial director who has spent more than 15 years dedicating herself to the world of packaging, advising hundreds of companies, explains what the BIO concept consists of in our sector. 

Going through each and every one of the materials. Cotton, Jute, Juco bags among many others, from the cheapest to the most complete.


If what you are looking for is buying custom fabric bags with your company logo or brand, this is the right place, you have finally found the company that manufactures and can help you.

What does the fabric bag have to do to make your products stand out?

The first and most important thing is that they adequately fulfill their function and then that they are beautiful and original, besides being economical.

A characteristic of cloth bags is that they have great versatility because they can be reused countless times for a multitude of uses. This will ensure that in any promotional event that you use them, your brand circulates constantly and ends up settling in the minds of your potential customers. For these reasons, this type of bags is ideal for merchandising and advertising any business in any sector.


Sustainable, the use of organic and fair trade cotton minimizes the impact on the environment.

Reusablefabric bags can be used countless times before they stop being usable.

Strong, some cloth bags, especially those made with resistant fabrics, can support heavy




Why to buy fabric bags for merchandising?

We have a wide variety of customizable fabric bags that you can choose from, depending on the corporate colors of your brand or company. We also have a wide range of sizes depending
on the products you want to put inside them, whether they are promotional products, or the
products you market in your own business.

There are also different types of fabrics that you can use.

  • Cotton bags: Rovi Packaging cotton bags are comfortable, practical and we make them with
    the best raw material so that they are very durable. They provide an eco-friendly touch to your
    products and your brand, ideal for companies with a branding that needs to bring nature and
    natural texture closer to their brand. On request we can manufacture in 4 types of cotton:
    • Conventional cotton: conventionally planted in fields using chemical fertilizers.
    • Organic cotton: planted in fields that use organic fertilizers.
    • Fair trade cotton: conventional cotton but which ensures that producers receive fair
      prices for cotton
    • Fair trade cotton + GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard):fair trade
      cotton + GOTS organic certification
  • Juco bags: Juco bags are made of 100% natural fibers and represent the maximum expression
    of the Bio and reusable product.
  • Polypropene bags: These bags are made with resistant 100% recyclable and reusable
    polypropylene fabric. We make them by hand under the highest quality standards and can be
    printed in flexo and rotogravure.
  • Stitched non-woven bags: TNT handle bags are made by hand to the highest quality standards
    and can be printed in serigraphy and/or flexo. 
  • Head Sealed non-woven bags: Our Heat Sealed non-woven bags are non-woven fabric bags
    that we manufacture with 100% recyclable and reusable materials. Automatically made with
    heat-sealed seams, they can be printed in serigraphy and/or flexo.
  • Jute bags: Our jute bags are made by hand and made with 100% natural fibers, they are the
    maximum expression of the bio and reusable product.


In summary, we have a wide range of small or large, foldable, ecological woven bags among many others. A totally personalized article that best represents your philosophy. Fabric bags can also be corporate gifts at events or conventions, as they can be useful and versatile for many uses, from shopping to going to the beach or the park, to work, to the library, or anywhere. They are considered great allies for everyday life. A practical, versatile, sustainable and economical gift.


How do we print promotional fabric bags in serigraphy printing?

Serigraphy printed fabric bags are the most common since this printing system provides the best quality standards. In addition, it should be noted that this system is very economical, the decoration is resistant and the higher the quantity, the lower the unit price of each bag. If you have doubts about the printing system you want to use on your bags, contact us to get advise about the best approach for your fabric bag.

Where to buy fabric bags online?

We make urgent deliveries of woven bags to anywhere in the world, we are an international company that works for different clients worldwide. Nestlé and Lindt are some examples. After printing them with serigraphy printing or any other available technique, depending on the option you have chosen, we send them by urgent transport so that you can have them as soon
as possible. Production times vary depending on the quantities you order and the difficulty of the project, however if you have a deadline such as an event or a convention, tell us and we will try by all means to adapt to your needs.

Ecological fabric bags to reuse and take care of the environment

The fabric bags at our disposal are reusable and environmentally friendly. An example is organic Fair trade cotton + GOTS certification (Global Organic Textile Standard, certification body).

It should be noted however that everything depends on the resistance of the bags and the use we give them, if we throw them away after the first use, no bag is ecological, but if we use them until their useful life ends, we are preserving the environment. It is for this reason that we recommend to select those bags with a higher grammage, since they are the strongest and most resistant, in order for your logo to be visible throughout the useful lifetime of the bag.

Customizable custom made bags

If you need bags of specific sizes or shapes printed with serigraphy or sublimation in full color or on the entire surface of the bag, you are in the right place. We are experts in making 100% customized products for each of our clients.


If you want to know more…

If you want to know more about what would be the most suitable finish for you, we recommend that you contact us to help you define and make your packaging project a reality.

At Rovi Packaging we are expert manufacturers in creating and designing ideal bags for all types of products and sectors. Contact us We can give you free advice on choosing the, packaging that best suits your needs.