Flap envelopes with adhesive tape

Envelopes manufactured in different types of materials: PPC, LDPE or HDPE with flap and removable or inviolable adhesive tape.

Ideal for document deliveries, mailings, gift envelopes,  and textile garments.

Flap envelopes with adhesive tape

Flap envelopes with adhesive tape are ideal to offer your customers a sensational experience of wrapping their items. In addition, the goods will be protected, thanks to the properties of the plastic that protects against humidity. They are ideal for delivering documents and textiles.

We have envelopes in many sizes, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Although these types of envelopes do not have a gusset, they are perfectly suited to introduce merchandise with volume. From the small product to the largest, we have packaging for all kinds of items. In addition, they are quite strong. Likewise, care must be taken to avoid introducing products that exceed this resistance or that are sharp.

At Rovi Packaging we have designed the ecommerce envelope with a double flap so that it can be reused in the event that a return of a material is necessary. However, the designs we provide to our customers are 100% customizable and we can adapt to the requirements of our customers.

Personalization of envelopes with flap and tape

We can design your envelopes with your brand logo and other fields to enter the recipient of the shipment. Ideally, you should include any idea or slogan that identifies your store and creates a good feeling for those receiving the envelope. Our printing technique is high quality screen printing. The inks we use are water-based, free of toxic agents.

Thus, we contribute to reduce the environmental impact. We invite you to do the same by purchasing these practical packaging. Another differential advantage we offer is that you can obtain your order from small units and at a very competitive price. What’s more, the more packages you order, the lower the cost per unit.


Do you want to know more about flap envelopes and tape?

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