Twisted handle bag printed in flexography

Paper bags printed with flexography and made with FSC paper, ensuring the maximum resistance and sustainability

  • Availabe in White and Brown kraft paper. From 80 to 120 gr (depending on size)
  • From 3.000 to 5.000 units, depending on size and number of printing colors.
  • Printing from 1 to 6 inks and/or CMYK. No limit in surface printing. Possibility of printing bottom and gussets.
  • More than 50 available sizes. The most common:
    • 18+8×24 cm
    • 24+11×32 cm
    • 32x12x41 cm
    • 41x12x36 cm
    • 44x15x49.5 cm
    • 54+14×45 cm  


  • Available finishes:
    • Turn top fold of 6 cm (available in some sizes): giving a high quality finishing and
      higher resistance
    • Cardboard reinforcement at the bottom
  • Minimum quantity 3.000 units

Twisted handle paper bag printed in flexography

The twisted handle paper bag printed in flexography is made with materials that have the FSC certified  that guarantee maximum resistance and sustainability. This type of bags are printed in flexography

Ideal for multiple sectors: fashion-retail, cosmetics, pharmacy, among others.

Twisted handle bags are manufactured automatically, without labor, so its cost is considerably lower than other types of bags. We also have high quality premium bags: offset printed twisted handle paper bags


Customization of paper bags

We can design your twisted handle paper bags with your brand logo and other fields for the final customer of your product to see. The ideal is to include any idea or slogan that identifies your brand and creates a good feeling for those who buy the product.


Do you want to know more about twisted handle paper bags?

At Rovi Packaging we are expert manufacturers in creating and designing paper bags ideal for all types of products and sectors. Contact us to find out more about this type of bag. We will advise you without obligation to help you choose the bag that best suits your needs.