Compostable ecommerce envelopes

Rovi Packaging’s compostable envelopes are made with 100% plant-based materials, such as potatoes or corn, and are a great replacement for conventional bags.

Our material has the «OK Compost» quality seal. The “OK Compost” certification validates that these are 100% biodegradable and compostable bags that meet the European standard on biodegradability and compostability (EN-13432:2000).

The recycling process for this type of bag is “industrial composting”. Compostability allows these bags to become industrial compost for organic farming and therefore we are recycling and reusing resources.

They have to be thrown away in the organic matter bin.

Available in a wide range of sizes, being the most common the following ones:

  • 25×35+5 cm from 10.000 units
  • 30×40+5 cm from 8.000 units
  • 34×45+5 cm from 6.000 units
  • 40×50+5 cm from 5.000 units
  • 50×60+5 cm from 3.000 units
  • 60×70+10 cm from 3.000 units


They include one inviolable adhesive tape. In case you want to promote the returns of your products with the same envelope, we can put two adhesive tapes. The second adhesive tape will serve to return the product with the same envelope and thus we also promote reuse.

Compostable e-commerce envelopes personalization. 

All of our envelopes have the «OK Compost» quality seal, to make sure your clients realize that the bag is made of compostable plastic. This way, your clients will associate your products with a brand that has an elevated social corporative responsibility.

It is also possible to print the logo of your brand in the compostable e-commerce envelopes, and also other information to guarantee your brand’s visibility during the product’s delivery.

This material’s visual aspect is white and translucid. We make it in different sizes and formats. They are ideal for the transport of all kind of products due to their resistant and waterproof properties.

These types of envelopes are respectful with the environment and sustainability of the planet. In addition, commercializing your products with a packaging of these characteristics will increase customer loyalty due to the good brand image you are going to project.

In Rovi Packaging, we are betting on bags and envelopes for e-commerce that are sustainable and respectful with the environment. Here you have some of our product examples :

  • recycled plastic ecommerce envelopes
  • confidential ecommerce envelopes
  • ecommerce paper envelopes

Do you want to know more about compostable ecommerce envelopes?

In Rovi Packaging we are manufacturers experts in making and designing bags and recycled plastic envelopes for any type of product and sector. Call or get in contact with us to know more about this type of bags and envelopes. We give you advice without any compromise to help you choose the type of packaging that fits best with your needs.