Ecommerce paper envelopes

We can offer offset printed paper ecommerce envelopes with heavyweight papers and white or kraft paper envelopes from 35 gm printed in flexography.

Ecommerce paper envelopes

Ecommerce paper envelopes are indispensable for sending small products purchased through e-commerce. It is possible to manufacture them in different sizes and finishes. It should be noted that it is a good branding for large print runs because of the potential discounts to be obtained. To know the price contact us.


Customization of envelopes

We can manufacture and design your ecommerce paper envelopes with your brand logo and other fields for the final customer of your product to see. The ideal is to include any idea or slogan that identifies your brand and creates a good feeling for those who buy the product. Our printing technique is high quality screen printing.

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At Rovi Packaging we are expert manufacturers in making and designing paper envelopes ideal for all types of products and sectors. Call us or contact us to learn more about this type of envelopes. We will advise you without obligation to help you choose the type of packaging that best suits your needs.