Juco bags

The juco bags are made of 100% natural fibers and are the maximum expression of the Bio and reusable product.

Juco bags

Our juco bags are comfortable, practical and we manufacture them with the best raw materials
so that they are very durable.

They are handmade and made from 100% natural fibers and they are also the maximum
expression of the bio and reusable product. They provide an eco-friendly touch to your
products and your brand, ideal for companies with a branding that needs to bring nature and
natural texture closer to their brand.

We manufacture with high quality materials, 100% customizable. This type of bags is perfect for jewelers, beauty centers, spas, boutiques, brand promotions, cosmetic laboratories and all kinds of stores

At Rovi Packaging we are making a strong commitment to BIO materials, sustainable with the environment. That is why we have developed a specific category for this type of product, among them:



We can manufacture and design your juco bags with your brand logo and other fields so that your brand is present whenever these bags are reused. It is also recommended that you include your brand as a reusable bag, so that your customers associate your products with a brand with a high corporate social responsibility.


Do you want to know more about juco bags?

At Rovi Packaging we are expert manufacturers in making and designing juco bags for all types of products and sectors. Contact us to know more about this type of bags. We will advise you without obligation to help you choose the type of packaging that best suits your needs.