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Confidential ecommerce envelopes

Our confidential ecommerce envelopes are made with coextrusioned PEHD or PELD. These are two-layer and three-layer materials with a white exterior and a black interior so that they are completely opaque and preserve the confidentiality and privacy of your shipments.
Our coextrusioned materials are 100% recyclable and have to be thrown away into the yellow plastic bin for its recycling.
Thanks to its double adhesive tape we are promoting reuse for returns.
Available in a wide range of sizes, being the most common the following:

  • 25×35+5 cm from 10.000 units
  • 30×40+5 cm from 8.000 units
  • 34×45+5 cm from 6.000 units
  • 40×50+5 cm from 5.000 units
  • 50×60+5 cm from 3.000 units
  • 60×70+10 cm from 3.000 units

Confidential ecommerce envelopes

Make your ecommerce envelope 100% confidential and reusable. Includes 2 adhesive tapes to promote the return of your products and for more comfort in transporting the product includes a die-cut handle.

In addition we can customize your envelope from 1 to 6 inks with your image, your brand, your logo or the message you want to get in each marketing campaign to your customers.

Our envelopes are ideal for e-commerce businesses and for online shipping.

Preserving privacy is one of the things that most concerns many customers.

Main features of our reusable ecommerce envelopes:

  • Self-closing flap with inviolable adhesive tape. Possibility to put double adhesive tape with pre-cut in the middle to be able to reuse the envelope in case of returns.
  • Possibility of optional die-cut handle to facilitate the transport of the product. In this way we show the image of the company during the trip and the distribution of the product, helping the final customer to identify what he is receiving.
  • The black interior has the purpose of preserving the privacy of our shipment and with self-closing by means of permanent and not removable adhesive tape.

At Rovi Packaging we are clearly committed to environmentally sustainable bags and envelopes for e-commerce. Some examples are our bags and envelopes of:

  • recycled plastic ecommerce envelopes
  • ecommerce compostable envelopes
  • ecommerce paper envelopes


Want to know more about recycled plastic ecommerce envelopes?

At Rovi Packaging we are expert manufacturers in manufacturing and designing recycled plastic bags and envelopes for all types of products and sectors. Call us or contact us to learn more about this type of bags and envelopes. We will advise you without obligation to help you choose the type of packaging that best suits your needs.