bolsas de plástico

We offer an excellent range of products made with the best materials, and we are comitted to innovation and sustainability with the environment. We also have a long experience in the sector that allows us to understand the packaging needs of each of our clients.

As a reference company in sustainable packaging you can access our exclusive and complete range of products and benefit from our experience.

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At Rovi Packaging we have developed a range of products that meets tha main needs of any company that wants to start dressing its products with a quality and sustainable packaging. You can find the following packaging categories: 

The category that grows with more relevance is the BIO product category. In this category we find the following products:

  • Compostable bags
  • Water soluble bags
  • 70% recycled plastic bags
  • Cotton bags
  • Bolsas de juco
  • Jute bags

With these products we want to answer to the growing demand for sustainable packaging due
to the awareness of users, who ask for products with greater corporate social responsibility.

Consumers are becoming more aware

Consumers, led by millennials and new generations, are increasingly concerned about the effect what we consume has on the environment.

For this reason,  brands that bet on proximity production begin to be doubly valued, as well as those that show a certain awareness when presenting their products.

This is where sustainable packaging comes into play, also known as green or ecological packaging.

What is BIO? Green or ecological packaging?

There are millions of packaged products shipped worldwide daily. Each and every one of these generates waste and materials that cannot be recycled.

Also with the rise of e commerce there is a large number of online orders everyday, and a large number of plastics, Styrofoam, cardboard and paper that are used in the process. Fortunately, sustainable packaging offers a solution to this problem.

Green packaging, also known as sustainable packaging, is the use of materials and manufacturing methods for product packaging that has a low impact on both energy consumption and the environment.

Sustainable packaging is created in an environmentally friendly way, using biodegradable and recyclable materials, and is energy efficient.

At Rovi Packaging we know that the future of packaging is becoming increasingly sustainable, which is why we have positioned ourselves as leaders in this type of packaging.

Contact us  and we will give you our advice throughout the process to choose the materials and form that suits best your needs.