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Packaging forms part of our history, of our family. Packaging is communication, personalization, technology, life, sensation, image, differentiation, interaction and tradition.
In our view, a bag is your brand’s first showcase, attracting consumers by conveying design, quality, originality, personalisation, emotion, state-of-the-art trends and environmental awareness.

For two generations, since 1983, we have been devoted to what we love best: enhancing the visibility of your brands and products. We apply a comprehensive approach to this customised service, conducting the entire process from the initial concept to actual manufacturing and delivery. All this with the aim of offering you the packaging everyone wants to have, touch and feel.

Mission:to achieve a captivating effect, promoting your brand through the bag it comes in.
Vision: state-of-the-art packaging that is environmentally friendly.
Values:design, innovation, quality, customisation, speedy turnaround, flexibility, efficiency, experience, creativity, professionalism, recycling, confidence, proximity, commitment, integrity and emotion.