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RoviBio is our vision of packaging in the future, using natural and recyclable products, manufactured with resistant materials that are suitable for being re-used and thus reduce waste.


RoviBio has given rise to our ROVI EVO-QUALITY label, the result of our unrelenting quest for new raw materials and innovative techniques to make products for a better world.


Compostable Bags: made from plastic materials deriving from vegetable raw materials, such as potato starch or maize. These are ideal for large-volume, rapid-consumption products that do not require long-life packaging, thus avoiding major ecological impact. Frequently used as supermarket tote bags.

Compostable bags have a shelf life of 12 months and require storage in optimal conditions: protection from the weather, temperature changes, closed boxes, exposure to the sun, etc. The material may otherwise decompose sooner than envisaged.

Jute, Juco and Cotton bags: made by hand from 100% natural fibres, these bags represent the ultimate expression in Bio products. Designed with an eco-friendly and organic feel, these bags are ideal for brands that seek to associate nature and natural textures to their branding context.


Bios means life, and essential to us are the lives of our employees. Therefore, we apply a Corporate Social Liability (CSL) policy that favours family reconciliation. This has a direct impact on the quality of our products.


We are changing with the world. We are approaching the future at the leading edge of the latest trends, formats and materials.

We comply with the most stringent regulations in waste management, our products are 100% recyclable and reusable. ROVI PACKAGING has obtained the Certificate of Good Environmental Practice of "Guild of the Industry and Graphic Communication of Catalonia" The objective of this accreditation is to develop a reference in the graphic sector that allows companies to recognize those that have adhered to environmental criteria and sustainability from pre-printing to printed products. In 2008, the Gremio de Industrias Gráficas de Cataluña presented the program and accreditation of 'Good Environmental Practices'. This accreditation is aimed at the graphic industries that have the commitment to bring careful environmental management, complying with current legislation and environmental regulations, and which apply good environmental practices.