Flexible crystal CPP Bags

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Crystal bags are transparent, luminous and allow a clear view of the contents. Their flexibility makes them fully adaptable to the items inside, so that your products are displayed to advantage.

The bags, manufactured in FLEXIBLE CRYSTAL POLYPROPYLENE provide extreme transparency, glossiness and elasticity. This novel material has characteristics similar to PVC, currently in disuse owing to its poor recyclability. FLEXIBLE CRYSTAL POLYPROPYLENE is free from phthalates and amines, and therefore suitable for contact with foods or any other application, such as totes for the fashion retail sector. ROVI PACKAGING manufactures these 100% recyclable bags to measure.

Flexible crystal polypropylene is ideal for packaging that needs to combine maximum transparency, glossiness and elasticity with printed branding, linking the content of the bag with the external markings. Suitable for the textile, food and pharmaceutical sectors.